Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Christmas From the Past

While going through some old pictures today I came across this

old picture of me from the Christmas of 1964 .I only have a vague

memory of this Christmas tree,but some where in the back of my

mind I think I recall my mother not liking this tree at all.

I love the big Christmas lights on this tree.While I will have to admit

the small white lights we use now are pretty and peaceful to look at

these big lights hold fond memory's for me.I can remember taking a piece

of tinsel off of the tree and wrapping it around the lights and watching

the tinsel wrinkle because of the heat,and laying on the couch and

squinting my eyes and watching all of the lights blurr together.

This is why I have put big lights on my small tree in my bedroom.After all
part of the fun of Christmas is being a kid again.



Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Present From the Past

Did you ever have a date run through your head all day long?Well December 17th was on my mind all morning I knew something had happened on this date.Then it occurred to me this is the day I brought home Our Scottish Terrier Slater .He was a Christmas present for my Daughter when she was in the 5th grade(she is 25 now).He was my daughters dog but he was the family dog and he will be a companion I will never forget.

Twila is still quite the dog lover in fact you can see her to dogs at her blog Twila and Scott's Baby blog,it is in my blog roll. They have been wanting to add to there family with a baby,but they have undergone some disappointments in the past year and could use every ones prayers.I know that things are about to change for them,and they will get a late Christmas present of some good news.

Twila and Scott

Best Wishes Brenda:)

Sunday, December 16, 2007


When I was a little girl it use to snow here in Kentucky.As a matter of fact just a few years ago it would snow ,but i think it has been five maybe six years since we have had a measurable snow.

I know there is more to Christmas than snow and that it doesn't have to look like a Norman Rockwell painting outside to feel like Christmas,and Christmas spirit is in our hearts as we celebrate the birth of Jesus ,but I REALLY WANT SOME SNOW!!!!!

This morning when a woke up I ran to the window to look outside to see if it had snowed like the weatherman says it might(promises promises),but no snow:( . What I did see was another miracle had happened right outside my kitchen window in the field behind our house.When I noticed that our bird feeder was almost empty I thought I might as well go and fill it up before I got ready for church.As I filled up the feeder I noticed a cow laying just on the other side of the fence usually they get up and leave as soon as they see us in the backyard be she laid very still and would not move.I knew something was up then I saw the small black lump of fur beside her.I knew what had happened there last night she had given birth in the safety of the blackberry thicket.I watched for a while then the little calf stood on wobbly feet and had is first Sunday morning breakfast.I went back into the house and got my trusty camera and snapped a few pictures.I wasn't a snow like I had hoped but it was spectacular.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Favorite Ornaments

This Ornament is one my husband and I had the first year we were married.

The glass part of this ornament was made at Philips Lighting where I work.Every Year the Union(United Steel Workers) and Management build a float for the Christmas parade where we handed out ornaments to the crowd .

I bought this one the year my mother passed away It was also the year my Scottie Slater
suddenly passed away .When I saw this ornament while Christmas shopping I knew I had to have it.

Santa with a snowbaby and giving one a piggyback ride.

Mrs Claus handing out some cookies to a anxious little snowbaby.

A Snowbaby taking a bubble bath.He must be getting ready for Santa.

Curious George and a mischievous little snow baby.

Raggedy Anne and a little one doing a dance.

Bubble lights are my favorite so combining them with a snowbaby is just perfect.

I think this one is just waiting patiently for Santa.

Everytime I look at this one I think they must be such good friends

Such and angelic little face.

Best Christmas Wishes


New Quilt and Pillow

Here is a picture of a quilt I recently finished .The ornament pillow with it is one I purchased from Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams when she had her Open House.When I saw the pillow I knew the two had to be together.They are both so retro and cheery evey time I look at them I smile:)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Santas And A New Tradition

In 1984 I started working at Watsons Department store. Every week of the holiday season starting on black Friday they offered a different Santa .Each one represented a different year or country and came with a card that told about them.I continued to collect them over the years until a couple of years ago when the man that owned the company that made them passed away.They have always been on our Christmas tree as ornaments but this year I decided to give them a different home during the holidays.There are 71 total and we actually built little bleachers for them to stand on since they are all basically the same height,and they were very hard to see.They reminded me of a parade of Santas. I though about only putting out the favorites but every body in our family has a different favorite two or three so I might as well put them all out.We will just have to see how this new tradition works .


Monday, December 3, 2007

Polar Express

On Sunday my Husband and I made the trip to Dillsboro N.C. from our home in Kentucky to ride the POLAR EXPRESS.The train station and the town of Dillsboro were decorated beautifully.

Once we boarded the train we were serve a delicious meal of pumpkin bisque soup ,baked ham,sweet potatoes and green bean casserole followed by a desert of chocolate pecan pie.While we enjoyed our meal we listened to a narration of the POLAR EXPRESS.Once our meal was complete we arrived at the North Pole where Santa Clause was waiting to board the train.After he boarded the train he made his way through each train car and stopped and talk to all the passengers and gave all of the children a bell from his sleigh.

It was my 48th birthday but I felt like a kid again.

Best wishes Brenda:)