Friday, January 25, 2008

Changing of the Quilt

Down with the old....

Up with the new.....I decide it was time to take down the Christmas quilt and put up something new.I really didn't have a valentines quilt so I decided to hang this quilt my sister Nancy made as a wedding present for hubby and I(she also made the Christmas quilt).

This is Nancy and I back in the day:}

(Sorry Nancy I could not resist)

Until next time

Best wishes to all


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Snow Day

Not much going on around here today,first it snowed then

the sun came out and that sad to say was the end of the snow:(

I just continued to work on my quilt.I am still cutting out the blocks and it is taking a lot longer than I though.I takes a lot of fabrics for a cathedral window quilt because there is no batting because the 81/2" blocks are folded to hold the windows( the 2" blocks) hopefully I can show this in the next couple of days if I ever get through with cutting out the blocks.I do see the end in sight there are only 4 more yard of fabric to cut out LOL,and as you can see my "critic's" are pretty much bored with the process so far.

Until next time:)
Best Wishes Brenda

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cathedral Window Quilt (Step Two)

My last post was about me starting a Cathedral Window Quilt.I have cut the 81/2 " beige blocks that the foundation that holds the colorful windows. The picture above is after they have been folded and sewn and pressed into the block above.

Here is some of the fabrics I will be using for the "windows".

They will be cut into 2" strips and then into 2" blocks.

In my last post I ask for help putting music to my blogg well today I need some decorating advise.My daughter and son in law and having a baby(my first grand baby) and they do not want to find out the sex of the baby .So we are looking for nursery ideas that are not gender related and not the usual mint green and Yellow.The only thing that is permanent in the room is brown carpet.We can either buy the bedding or we can make it, if you happen to see a picture of something just e-mail it to me.
Best Wishes to You aAll

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Project

I just thought I would do a short post on what I have been working on these past few days(besides working my crappy job).When I went to the quilt museum in Paducah Kentucky in October I saw a cathedral window quilt.This is something I had always wanted to make.My Aunt Glenna had made one years ago when I was a little girl ,it is not your traditional quilt because there is no actual "quilting " done on this quilt it is kind of a finish as you go quilt and is very portable and can be taken with you in sections.I am still in the cutting process but I will do a post one the steps tomorrow and show a finished block.

This is Rascal he love to sew he is always in the sewing room with me.I also need some help from my fellow bloggers I would love to add music to my blogg but I do not know how I have tried but failed every time could some one help me.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year,Off to a Good Start

This Year is staring off with a bang you might say.This week has been very exciting to me for I found out that my Daughter and Son-N-Law are expecting their first child this September.You might remember that I did a post the middle of December that they needed your Prayers and that they had had a difficult year with a few disappointment in the regards of them becoming pregnant.Well the prayers worked and we would like to thank all of you that said a little prayer for them.
Best Wishes Brenda:)