Saturday, May 31, 2008

Water Lily

Her is a picture of a water lily in our pond.
Hope every one is having a nice weekend.
Best Wishes

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Isn't She Pretty!!!!!

This is my Daughter Twila she is 24 weeks in this picture .Isn't she Pretty!

And She is doing such a nice job on the nursery also.

Here is a close up of the bedding.I just love what she has picked out.

Can you tell she is a teacher ?

Enjoy your Summer Vacation Twila!!!!!

Love Mom:) a.k.a Brenda or Soon to be Grammie!!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rascal the Cat Tries Blogging

My name is Rascal and I thought I might give this blogging a try. Brenda is busy working this weekend. On her days off I know she was busy working in the yard,doing housework and I saw her sewing something she said was a secret.

Let me see .Password ...think,think ,think,ok got it.

Let me see what picture do I want to show.

Browse ..ok..upload..this is easier that I thought.

Our wheelbarrow broke when we were pouring concrete for the side walk and instead of throwing it away Brenda decided to make a planter out of it.Pretty good idea if I do say so myself and....

It makes a great place to take a catnap!!!!
Best Kitty Wishes
Rascal the Cat:)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Blue Eyes and Rocks

No I did not get a new dog. But isn't this a beautiful dog?

Just look at his eyes .........

We meet this dog yesterday when we went to a friends house to get some rocks .This wasn't there dog either it was the neighbors.Anyway they had this huge pile of rocks they were wanting to get rid of so we went and got them .

And look what we did ! We lined all of our landscaping withe this rock border.

This was a lot of hard work with my husband doing most(all) of the lifting .

If you compare this picture to the one in my header you can notice how muck cleaner our house is .We had it cleaned with a high pressure cleaner last week,now we have to treat the house o protect it from water damage.This will be a project for another day off and with the price of gasoline we might as well stay home and work.
Best Wishes

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blooms and the Blue Bird

The Knock Out Roses are really showing off this week.

How did I end up holding this bird you ask?Well I heard a thud hit the window in our family room.I knew it was a bird because it happens pretty often.When I looked out the window onto the ground I saw this little finch laying on the ground gasping for breath.Thinking I needed to put him in a safe place while he came to his senses I went outside camera in hand.So I picked him up and he seemed quite content sitting in my hand so I snapped a few pictures .

If you click on the picture above you can see that his little eyes are not fully open and he looks a little dazed and confused.

After a few minutes he started to come around a little.

My husband came out and took this picture of me and the little Blue Bird.This was right before he flew off into the woods.

Best Wishes


I Just Can't Believe It !!!!!!!!!!

This story starts this past Saturday night when my husband and I were in Lexington for a night out.I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I would like a Hillary shirt,and as we drove by her headquarters my DH said" let's stop and see if they have any shirts".Well we stopped and they didn't have any shirts but they did give me a few yard signs.One thing led to another and as we stood there and chatted with a nice young lady that worked for Hillary we mentioned that we were from the Danville area she proceed to tell us that President or Senator Clinton one would be in the Danville area Monday but they didn't know who, what, when or where at that time.It Seems they keep every thing hush hush until the last minute. Then Sunday morning as I leave for church I received a recorded message form Hillary headquarters saying that President Clinton would be speaking in Danville Monday afternoon.This all sounded to good to be true .Would the crowd be so big I wouldn't get to see him?Would I even be able to get near the house he would be speaking at?These were the thought that kept running through my mind.So we decide to give it a try after all how often is a President in this small town.We got there about and hour before he was suppose to appear,but not quiet early enough to be in the front but close enough he was going to speak from the front porch.

So we waited and waited.......

Even the sound check guy became interesting .

The setting was a historical area of town, the houses there are beautiful.

Then he arrived ,this is his motorcade arriving in the drive way.

And then he finally appeared .This is actually a pinch me moment I still couldn't believe it was actually him.

And we were so close...

All I could think was I will never see a President this close again.

Please Play the video.I think it was funny that I started the video at that moment.


Best Wishes

I Just Can't Beleive It Brenda:)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Backyard Project 2008 Continued

Above are two picture of the concrete before we sealed/stained it.(Don't feel sorry for the dogs they spend very little time locked up in the "dog lot".

The rest of the pictures are after it was stain/sealed.

I even stained my concrete planter .I saw this idea on another blog, but I can't remember which one or I would mention if it was your Thank You.

I did not use concrete stain I used a wood stain "special walnut".

Best Wishes

Friday, May 16, 2008

All of Her Hard Work Paid Off

Remember Mrs. Robin in the nest outside my living room window?Well all that sitting and hard work has paid off...

The little ones are finally leaving the nest.

I guess this makes her and Mr Robin empty Nester's:)
Best Wishes

Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Good Reason

Here's one GOOD reason for you chicks to go to Cracker Barrel and order yourself a big stack of pancakes or french toast(my favorite).The syrup bottles make great bud vases.

Look at the details on the bottle.Sometimes I will line up 4 or 5 along my kitchen window seal and put flowers from my garden.Once while browsing a high price catalog I saw a set of small vases for about $50.00 and all along I had some for the price of a stack of pancakes,plus it is a great way to recycle.
Best Wishes

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Justa Swingin and Other Things

We have added a swing to our backyard .This something that we have always wanted but never could figure out where to put it and how we wanted it to look.This is our project in a semi -finished state.I think we will add a roof and I have some large concrete planters that I am going to stain .We will also be sealing and staining out sidewalks and patio.

Our house is cedar siding and it has to be cleaned about every two or three years .We had this done yesterday this is a all day project, now we just have to seal the wood . This we will do ourselves but most of it can be sprayed so it won't be that bad(maybe).

We also broke ground for our first garden that we have ever had here.I have had gardens before and my parents always had one when I was a kid but we have never had one.One reason being that the ground her is pitiful nothing but clay and rock.Any time I want to plant something or start a flowerbed I have to amend the soil ,with peat moss ,manure(yuk) or compost.I would love to have some rabbits because there dropping are great for flowers .They are in little round pellets and all you have to do is scatter them over your flower bed and you have instant organic fertilizer.All I have to do now is convince my husband this is a good idea(fat chance).I would also like to have a couple of chickens ,one because I think they are pretty and two so we could have fresh eggs but I think this will happen when pigs fly or you-know-where freezes over.

Here are a couple of picture of the swing the bottom picture is after I added some "monkey grass" beside the sidewalk and two azalea bushes that I moved from a overcrowded flowerbed in front of the garage.

Best Wishes


Monday, May 5, 2008

The Godfather of the Chipmunks & New Life

There is a whole family of chipmunks living in the fence behind our house.I can' t even remember how long I have been trying to get a picture of any of them especially this one .We call him the "God Father" because he is so big.He looks more like a guinea pig than a chipmunk.

Here he is a little closer.See his big ol head.

Out and about in the backyard camera in hand I look up admiring the big oak tree that canopies our backyard.It always amazes me because it is so big ,not only tall but how far it stretches out over our yard.I also think if the wind ever blows it down we won't have a house left .Any way as I was gawking up in the air I notice two little birds.Looking through my camera lens I zoomed in and there they were ,they had built a little nest in a hole in the tree.I sure hope the little ones first attempt at flying is successful it is a long way down.

Here they are posing for the camera.

This is a picture of some more bird activity going on around here.A Robin has built a nest in the Saucer Magnolia tree out side our living room window.She has gotten so use to me watching her she just acts like I am not even there.I took this picture through the window.

Hope you have enjoyed the pictures as much as I have sharing them with you.

Best Wishes


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fenton Lamp and Flowers

Just thought I would post a picture of the Fenton Lamp my husband bought for our anniversary.

We had a great day starting out with a couples massage at a local day spa this was my first massage and I didn't know quite what to expect.I think the next time I will enjoy it more because I will be more a ease with the situation.After the massage we drove to Lexington and had dinner and went to the local comedy club.

Many of the plants here are starting to bloom.I always try to add a few thing s every year to our yard and garden.We own about three acres and more than an acre is cleared,with about that much more in woods beside our house.

Above is a picture of a Knock Out Rose that I planted last year this variety is called Rainbow.It is pink that gradually turns to yellow as it fades away.

A white Korean Dogwood that I bought two years ago. The man I bought it from told me it was pink.Maybe this is why he is no longer in business?

An old fashion snowball bush

A Iris I puchase this year called "Lovely Senorita".

This is a little flower we got from the house of a older lady that was a family friend.We have had it for abut 10 years and I do not know what it is but it looks like a clover.It blooms all summer and this year it didn't stop until November.

A pretty little Pansy from last fall that came back.These are my daughters favorite flower.

And this is one of mine the Dogwood this one is "Cherokee Princess".The Dogwoods were blooming when we got married and they always remind me of my wedding.

Best Wishes:)