Monday, February 23, 2009

Diet Challenge 2009

This will be my motto.
I don't know how it happened but I gained the pound I lost back plus three more:(

Sadly Reporting

Monday, February 16, 2009

Diet Challenge 2009

I am on a roll to loose the belly roll, for the first time I am down 1 pound.I have been trying to exercise more and watch the Glycemic index of the food I eat.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Love This Boy!!!!!!

Look what Parke's baby sitter did,isn't it adorable.

Can you find Parker? He is the tall skinny one at the top of the heart.All three of these babies were born within 11 days of each other.I think Parker is going to be a very tall boy.

Happy Valentines Day Everybody!!!!!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Newest Addition

This is the newest addition to my sewing room a 1969 Singer Featherweight.I spotted it on EBay and fell in Love.I have wanted a FW for many years but they were always hard to find and a little pricey.When I spotted this one the white color was unique something I have never seen before . So I watched patiently as the auction progressed and Victory was mine and this little gem and the neat green case belonged to me!!!YIPPY

Don't worry Rascal the Bernina isn't going any where,I know it is your favorite.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looser Looser !!!!!!

Yesterday when I got up I had every intention of doing my looser Monday post but after getting on the scale I was ASHAMED!!!!I had not lost 1 ounce:( .so I hid away from every one else with my head in the sand.Then this morning while enjoying my oatmeal and coffee I hopped on over to Sharon's blog to see how every one else was doing and decided giving up was the last thing I really want to do.So my next step will be to try a little harder.I think my main faults are sweets at night and not exercising .Today I did exercise for about 45 minutes and have been drinking a lot more water.So maybe one step at a time I will eventual get there.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm Back

The past week has been something I will never forget.Last Tuesday this all started with freezing rain that by early that morning already had the trees and power lines covered.Our electric went out sometime Tuesday morning while we were at work.By the time we returned around 7:30pm it sounded like a war zone .Every time a tree fell the sound was like a gun going off there was nothing to do but sir in the dark and list and hope they don't hit the house.We were lucky only one small tree hit the house, but we were startled by the noise of this tree crashing across our fence and landing on the patio.We were unable to sleep so we finally got up around 3 am tried to get ready for work by candle light.Barry didn't have to report to work but unfortunately I did so he stayed home and I am glad he did because with the rain continuing and no electric our crawl space was quickly filling up with water and reaching our furnace with an alarming rate.Luckily after many phone calls and couple of hours he found a generator we could use to run the pumps to get the water our before and damage was done.Our power returned around 8 pm on Wednesday so we were without electric for about 36 hours.We were lucky most people were without for days and some still are.

After the freezing rain the snow came and turned every thing into a winter wonderland.This storm was pretty but sadly it was deadly ,on the news this morning the death count in Ky was 25.With temps well below freezing and in the single digits people were desperate and did what they could to stay warm.Carbon monoxide poising caused most deaths the rest from hypothermia.
Here are a few pictures taking around my house and surrounding area.

You can click on any picture to see the details of the ice and snow.

I will be having a Giveaway Soon I just need to get caught back up on a few things after such a hectic week.
Best Wishes
PS Becky is having a Giveaway too so go check it out!!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ice Storm

Hello! This is Brenda's daughter Twila just updating everyone on what is going on in Kentucky. Mom wants to let everyone know she is without internet and will back to blogging as soon as she can. We had an ice storm hit last Tuesday and most of central Kentucky was without power and water for a few days. Mom has had electricity and heat from most of the storm but no internent.
The 100th post give away will be shortly!